Tune-ups Crucial to Peak Engine Performance

When was the last time you had your car tuned up? Recent studies show that nearly half of all vehicles on the road are operating with at least one tune-up part that should be replaced.

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Thorough Brake System Inspection Ensures Safe Breaking

There are more than 150 million cars on the road today and, according to leading experts, more than one-third need a thorough brake system inspection. That's more than fifty million vehicles on the road with the potential for brake failure.

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Maintaining A Cool Engine

Your vehicle's engine is equipped with a cooling system to protect it from the intense heat produced by daily operation. The cooling system protects the engine by regulating the operating temperature range. To ensure that your vehicle's engine parts will work properly, you need to have regular service and maintenance performed on the cooling system. A proper cooling system maintenance program includes the following:

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Sounds and Sensations

What do shoes, belts, mufflers and boots have in common? They're all car parts, of course, the latter being less familiar to most drivers. While brake shoes, drive belts and mufflers have been around since the first days of the automobile, boots (they're the protective cover on the flexible CV joints) are relatively new among automotive terms. Found on front wheel drive as well as some four-wheel drive vehicles, they are vulnerable to damage from road debris such as flying stones. This kind of damage allows contamination and leakage of the lubricant contained within the boot.

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Top 10 Tire Care Tips

Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association

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Save Money at the Pump

Despite historic high gas prices, Americans continue to travel the roads in record numbers. Follow these guidelines to have a little extra money in your pocket when you hit the road.

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Cold Weather Repair and Maintenance

When the seasons start to change and it is apparent that the weather will soon be colder, there are certain systems that should be checked so you will not be left with a no start, no heat, condition. Let's call this a cold weather or winter tune-up. I realize that many of these steps will be beyond the expertise of some owners. They still should be done and by using this list your mechanic can do any test beyond your ability. Do what you can and hire the rest.

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Understanding Your Brake System

To help prevent brake problems or failures, the following regular inspections and maintenance should be performed on your brake system.

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Automotive Leaks Repair

There are many places on and in an automobile that are potential spots for leaks to develop. Some leaks may be annoying such as a leaking trunk lid seal. But there are other types of leaks that have the potential of being very dangerous such as a leaking brake wheel cylinder. It is this type of leak that we will discuss further.

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